Lufthansa FlyNet

I’m aboard flight LH 468 from Frankfurt to Portland, Oregon. I’m using FlyNet, Lufthansa’s new on-board Wi-Fi service. Neat!

Set-up is very easy. Even the pricing model seems reasonable. The only trouble is defining the right settings for this plaze.

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  1. Lars Says:

    You can type the latitude and longitude directly into plazes. Choose somewhere over the mid-Atlantic on your flight path.
    Can’t wait to enjoy in-flight internet. Spent many hours yesterday on a plane from Nairobi to London with most of the in-flight entertainment options malfunctioning.

  2. Tim Says:

    Yeah, but what’s really needed when the plaze you’re in is a moving target is dynamic real-time geo-positioning information. ;-)

  3. Thomas Wanhoff Says:

    Be happy: i tried the WLAN too, but it was only working on the way back, sure). And: in ecoclass working with a laptop while the man in the front is in relaxing position is really hard..

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