PRSA-SV: Blogs and Mainstream Media

Today at PRSA-SV the topic was Blogs and Mainstream Media. I keep telling my cousin, who is a journalist, he should seriously start looking into blogging. There are definitely business models for traditional journalists. Specifically, the panel mentioned advertising, subscription fees and syndication as possible sources of revenue (aside from self-promotion and meritocratical benefits).

Blogging a certain niche topic is an opportunity to give some people what they wouldn’t find anywhere else. Which, according to Chris Nolan, is one of the main reasons political blogging has sprung up in such a big way: people just weren’t satisfied with what the networks had to offer them.

And while one can often expect some degree of competition between traditional media and blogger journalists (be they amateurs or professionals), it is at the same time a chance for the old-school journalist to benefit from the large number and the different layers of ongoing conversations that one alone could never cover - not even close.

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