Oil, food, and water pumps

Germany contributes to Hurricane Katrina international relief effort:

  • Germany to Release 3.3M Barrels of Oil (AP): Germany to Release 3.3 Million Barrels of Oil to Bolster Supplies After Hurricane Katrina
  • Countries Offering U.S. Aid for Katrina (AP): GERMANY: 70,000 ration packs, medical supplies, vaccination teams, water purification equipment, medical evacuation aircraft.
  • World Community Offers Support to Victims of Hurricane Katrina (US Department of State): McCormack said Germany is sending high-speed pumps to remove water out of the city of New Orleans.
  • Canada, France, U.K. Militaries Act to Aid Gulf Coast (Update1) (Bloomberg.com): France’s military is dispatching a team with personnel, tents and food, while Germany’s air force hauled 45 tons of military meals and will bring civilian engineers to run high-powered water pumps in Louisiana.
  • Germany sends 25 tonnes of food to US disaster zone (Itar-Tass): Germany sent 25 tonnes of food to the U.S. areas affected by Hurricane Katrina on Sunday and said it was ready to give more aid. German military cargo planes brought 14,000 army food rations to the flood zone. Ten tonnes of food were supplied on Saturday. The Americans need pumps, drinking water installations, generators, tents, blankets, medicines and technicians to service the equipment. German specialists will visit the disaster zone to assess the needs.

Least we can do.

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