NewsHour with Jim Lehrer: Politics after Katarina

New York Times columnist David Brooks, Boston Globe columnist Tom Oliphant and NewsHour essayist and Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page talk about the horrific events following Hurricane Katrina, including the possible political ramifications of the disaster.

DAVID BROOKS: I think it is a huge reaction we are about to see. I mean, first of all, they violated the social fabric, which is in the moments of crisis you take care of the poor first. That didn’t happen; it’s like leaving wounded on the battlefield.

So there is just — in 9/11 you had a great surge of public confidence. Now I think we are going to see a great decline in public confidence in our institutions. And so I just think this is sort of the anti-9/11 as one of the bloggers wrote. has the full transcript of this September 2, 2005 edition of NewsHour with Jim Lehrer.

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