Listen to the customers!

Mark Hurst on Lessons in listening to customers.

As Dan pointed out in his talk on Use Case Driven Agile Development last night, according to The Standish Group (”What are your requirements?”, 2003), a high percentage of the delivered features of a project are never used:

We find that on average only 54%, down from 67% in 2001, of the originally defined features of a project are delivered. Even more troubling is the realization that of those features that are delivered — a full 45% are NEVER used.

Now that’s scary.

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  1. Agile Advice - How and Why to Work Agile Says:

    Unused Features

    Software projects have a really bad record. Here’s a part of that bad record: on average, 45% of features delivered are never used! This is yet another reason that Agile methods shine: do the highest value work first and stop when you’ve got enough…