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German expressions for those OMG moments

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Here’s a little end-of-year krautsourcing experiment. I’m looking for a list of German phrases that express a certain kind of surprise, disbelief, irritation, annoyance or sometimes appreciation and compliment. When saying them out loud, they can or may occasionally be accompanied by a slap on the knee or standing one arm akimbo or other gestures (e.g. two hands raised to the head if it’s really bad).

Here’s a few examples (note that even though technically some of these may be questions the intonation tends to be that of a statement or exclamation, hence no question mark):

  • Ja, gibt’s denn sowas.
  • Ja, ist es denn die Möglichkeit.
  • Haste nicht gesehen!
  • Leck mich am Arsch!
  • Ja, do legs di nieda! (Bavarian, sp?)
  • Heilig’s Blechle! (Swabian)
  • Das schlägt dem Fass den Boden aus!
  • Das ist doch wirklich das allerletzte!
  • Da wird doch der Hund in der Pfanne verrückt!
  • Heiliges Kanonenrohr!

You get the gist.

Thing is, the junior finds these absolutely, completely hilarious and has the best of times when he hears them. He can’t seem to get enough and I’m quickly running out of variations.

Please help me expand this list. Let me know: what do you use when something like that just happened? What do your parents or grandparents use? Don’t be shy, some of these can get quite expletive. Give a little background (like region), too, if you feel like it.

Happy New Year!


More expressions that fall into this category (rhythm and melody wise):

  • Sapperlot!
  • Himmel, Arsch und Zwirn!
  • Mannomann!
  • Ach du liebe Güte!
  • Ich fass es nich’
  • Ich glaub, mich tritt ein Pferd
  • Zapperlot!
  • Ach du grüne Neune!
  • Grundgütiger!
  • Du meine Güte!
  • Jetzt schlägt’s Dreizehn
  • Ach, du ahnst es nicht!

Update 2

More good ones…

  • Leck mich in de täsch! (Rhineland)
  • Ich glaub, mein Schwein pfeift.
  • Mich laust der Affe!
  • Heiliger Bimbam!

The Song Stays With A Man (Edita Piekha, 1964)

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, Edita Piekha:

Remember, this is just a couple years after the Cuban Missile Crisis almost led the world to nuclear holocaust. We should be so glad that has been averted (so far, at least); otherwise, how would we ever know about cute songs like this one?