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New Flickr group: Online Campaigning in Germany (Internet-Wahlkampf in Deutschland)

Friday, December 19th, 2008

Following my efforts to collect a few snapshots and impressions from the recent US presidential (online) campaigns, I thought I’d start the same for Germany, where 2009 looks like it might be a big election year (federal parliament, president, various state parliaments, European parliament etc.).

Since I probably won’t have the time to cover everything, I started a new group on Flickr:

Online Campaigning in Germany (Internet-Wahlkampf in Deutschland)

This group tracks innovations and interest finds around online campaigning in Germany.

Diese Gruppe sammelt Innovationen und interessante Fundstücke rund um Internet-Wahlkampf in Deutschland.

It’s open for anyone to join and contribute.

While many doubt that Germany is ready for significant advances in fully embracing the internet as the tool for political campaigns in 2009 (if ever), I am pretty confident that a few candidates will figure it out.

Either way, let’s see what evidence we can find together.