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Welcome, VentureBeat!

Thursday, August 31st, 2006

Matt Marshall just launched VentureBeat an hour or so ago:

Welcome to VentureBeat — the successor to SiliconBeat!

VentureBeat’s mission is to provide news and information about private companies and the venture capital that fuels them. People are at the heart of this project. VentureBeat will be a resource for entrepreneurs and other interested professionals facing some the biggest decisions of their careers.

VentureBeat will focus initially on Silicon Valley, and gradually, when possible, expand to cover innovation hubs around the globe.

What’s interesting here is the fact that a project which “began as an experiment” two years ago — a blog covering the startup and venture world of “this fascinating place we call Silicon Valley” — has now turned into a startup of its own.

Good luck, Matt!

By the way, having lived here for over a year now I think I’m slowly starting to feel the itch, too…

Add that to the list of German web 2.0 startups

Wednesday, August 30th, 2006

To answer last week’s question, here’s another example of a German web 2.0 startup that just hatched: Fleavent is now officially a company.

my company is building a kick ass events community. there’s nothing out there that satisfys my needs, and so much potential in what could be done. that’s it.

i’ve raised the initial funding, and am looking for a rails developer to come on board asap. contact me at if you’re interested in finding out more. you’ll be working with interesting technologies, and creating cool stuff with a focus on usability and good design.

Congratulations to Rany for making the bold move of going entrepreneur. Some of you may have heard of his project on this blog or were able to attend the first Web Monday Frankfurt, where he presented some of his ideas.

The list has already been updated to reflect the change.

Good luck!

Meet me in Europe, September 21 — October 10

Tuesday, August 29th, 2006

My trip to Europe is confirmed. I will be in Cologne, Munich (Web Monday Munich, Sep 25), Berlin (Barcamp Berlin, Sep 29 - Oct 1), Vienna (BlogTalk Reloaded, Oct 2-3), and possibly Brussels. Let me know if you want to meet.

Barcamp Stanford follow-up

Monday, August 28th, 2006

Barcamp Stanford went down this weekend as part of the larger Barcamp Earth (hello, Lithuania!).

I was able to catch the following sessions:

Thanks, Todd, for taking the lead in organizing the whole thing and getting us into Stanford (from the BBQ on Friday night to Camp Fooey to the quite excellent venue).

Oh, and for all you techies slash political junkies out there, there will be Barcamp TechnoPolitics, tentatively scheduled for November 11/12, 2006, which will focus on the intersection of politics and the internet (and then some).


Saturday, August 26th, 2006

I admit I always liked Latin in school. Funny how this particular plural is still present after oh so many years. Useful knowledge? You decide.

ap·pa·rat·us, n., pl. apparatus or -us·es.

  1. a) An appliance or device for a particular purpose: an x-ray apparatus.
    b) An integrated group of materials or devices used for a particular purpose: dental apparatus. See synonyms at equipment.
  2. a) The totality of means by which a designated function is performed or a specific task executed, as in a system of government.
    b) A political organization or an underground political movement. Also called apparat.
  3. Physiology. A group or system of organs that collectively perform a specific function or process: the respiratory apparatus; the digestive apparatus.
  4. The critical and source material that accompanies an edition of a text.

[Latin apparātus, preparation, from past participle of apparāre, to prepare : ad-, ad- + parāre, to prepare.]


Thursday, August 24th, 2006

First France, now the UK, but — to say it in the words of Tom Coates — where are all the German start-ups? Or rather, where are they on Techcrunch?

In the meantime, I’ve put up this list on the Web Monday wiki.

Girls, Barcamp Berlin is for you (too)!

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006

First, the good news: a lot of people are signing up for Barcamp Berlin.

The not-so-good news: It’s mostly guys.

Why is that not perfect? Because from my experience, while an all-male event can be fun, too, it is much better to have a healthy mix of boys and girls. DCamp and WineCamp would not have been possible without the many female contributions.

So if you’re a guy (simply check if your name is, for instance, Stefan, Hubert or Martin) and you’re signed up for Barcamp Berlin, please spread the word, and ask your friend or colleague if she would like to come along.

And girls, don’t be afraid to sign up either. This is a truly open event and it’s up to you to shape the agenda, talk, share, and learn according to what’s important to you.

What happened on 4/17?

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006

We don’t know the answer, but according to the Museum of Modern Betas (MoMB), something did in fact happen:

Slightly off-topic, but I stumbled upon this while taking a look at how betas are ranked at Alexa

quite a few apps doubled, trepled, quadrupled, even quintupled their Daily Reach persistently from one day to the other in the mid of April, take a look:

So what happened? Hysteric mass adoption of Web 2.0 technologies on a single day?? Puzzler.

Indeed, take a look.

BBQ at my place today

Saturday, August 19th, 2006

Yes, we have been Weberized. Starts now. Come on over if you’re in the area. We have drinks, food is mostly BYO.

GABA & Friends: European Summer Mixer, August 31

Thursday, August 17th, 2006

GABA is doing a summer mixer (Upcoming) in San Francisco again, this time in cooperation with their Italian, British, French and Swiss colleagues.

Don’t miss.