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Web Monday

Tuesday, November 1st, 2005

Having greatly enjoyed the dynamic atmosphere here in Silicon Valley over the past five months I feel like bringing some of the good vibes back to the folks at home.

I’ll be going back on a quick visit to Germany November 4-13. I’m currently trying to put together a little “Web Monday” (you know: food, drinks, Wi-Fi, a bunch of interesting people, and lots of cool ideas and stuff). Topics will center around Web 2.0 (for lack of a better term), and we’ll aim to bring together users, developers, bloggers, podcasters, entrepreneurs, inventors, researchers, business people, journalists etc. from different backgrounds - and see what happens! We’re especially looking for people who are actually doing things already: building new products and services, developing new business models, moving the Web forward, merrily inventing and innovating.

Personally, I’m also very interested in transatlantic transfer (Germany-USA). I would love to see some “bridging” come out of this event.

Web Monday will take place Monday, November 7, from 6-10pm in Cologne/Germany. The exact location has yet to be determined.

As of right now, about 15 people have signed up and I get the feeling we’re on to something good.

I’ve set up a wiki for further (self-)organization. Please join us! If you know people in the greater Cologne/Germany area feel free to spread the word and pass them on. You can also show your support by signing up under “Zuschauer” (audience) if you’d care to follow the event online.

All this, of course, is inspired by some great events I had the chance to attend lately, such as Tag Tuesday, Wiki Wednesday, WikiSym 2005 or - just this past weekend - Tagcamp (to name a few). I owe great thanks to everybody who helped shape this format and for documenting their lessons learned. I’ve been stealing as much as I can from all of you guys.