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Liberty Alliance launches openLiberty

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

I met some Liberty people last night and heard they had just launched openLiberty:

The openLiberty effort was established to provide easy access to tools and information that can be used to jump start the development of more secure and privacy-respecting identity-based applications based on Liberty Federation and Liberty Web Services standards. This wiki is part of the portal because so much of this community project requires broad participation and a tool that can handle the collaborative nature of this project. Feel free to sign up for an account and begin to make any changes to the site you feel is helpful. These pages are not moderated at this time so please use your own discretion.

More from the about page:

openLiberty is a community effort started by a handful of us with a common need for open source software to Liberty-enable relying parties in a SOA. The first deliverable we have agreed to is a Java library and reference implementation for what Liberty Alliance calls a Web Services Consumer (play with this flash diagram for a quick sense of how the WSC fits into an identity-enabled SOA).

This project is being bootstrapped by the Liberty Alliance which is a consortium of companies and organizations producing standards and best practices for network identity (protocols and policy practices that deliver security and privacy to portable identities on the network). We believe the standards coming out of Liberty Alliance and their liaison partners (like OASIS) are leading the market and we are investing our time and effort implementing them for relying parties (web sites that will trust an identity assertion from a trusted source). This effort has a life of its own and though we appreciate what Liberty Alliance is doing in bootstrapping this community project, it is the community who will set its own Roadmap.

They do have a blog though at this point it only shows the press release: Press Release announcing